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Born in 1992 Pedram Babaiee (in Persian: پدرام بابایی) started his professional career in 2010, which he composed and produced music for short films advertising films. By the end of 2017, he had composed and produced more than 24 hours of original music for motion pictures, featured films, performing arts -contemporary dance- etc.

Co-founded Tehran based art organization/ cultural hub, Rooberoo Mansion in 2016 and served the first year as head of the Production department there. In 2017, founded his own music production record label, Bivác Records. His main ensemble is also , Bivác Ensemble.

He is currently touring his live session, Preview Tour and following that, the upcoming release, Ruins of a Memoir.


"I see music as the most powerful form of communication and Interaction; Much greater than any other language.  An honest conception in which you can trust everything – an existence beyond ideas of right or wrong."


"My favorite style of music to write is generally long compositions for small ensembles -string quartet, woodwind quartet, etc.-, collage-like miniature piano pieces and writing for chamber orchestra. I do like to use some Persian music elements in it, if possible; whether in orchestration or composition. However, most important feature of my works to be considered before being presented, is to make sure everything is in great harmony of form and content.  I'm also really into Analog Synths, for production of electronic soundscapes and textures. I always prefer using analog equipment and ribbon microphones for recording, if possible."